My Story

Dante is a blue-eyed soul musician from the windy city. He knew he was going to be a vocalist at an early age; inspired by such singers such as Michael Jackson, Jackie Wilson, and Led Zeppelin. Because of this, he has a diverse understanding and skill for different vocal styles, and he truly appreciates all different genres of music.

Through high school he actively participated in music groups, which lead him to attend college at Columbia College Chicago where he received a BA in Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance. Dante has performed in competitive music groups such as 3CVJE, where he received an award from the New Orleans Jazz festival for Outstanding Soloist. 

Dante has performed at various venues in Chicago such as "Buddy Guys" and "Goose Island"; playing his originals and covers. He moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2014 to pursue his career as a vocalist. Dante gets true enjoyment from helping others and inspiring others through music.